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DRG 78.0-5

The Prussian Class T 18 They were the last tank locomotives developed for the Prussian state railways. They were originally intended for services on the island of Rügen as replacements for Class T 12 and T 10 engines. They emerged when a class of locomotive was conceived in 1912 that was to handle express and passenger trains in border areas or in shuttle services on short routes. A…
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BR 61 002

Schnellzuglokomotive BR 61 002

Because it was planned to run the train in shuttle services to a tight time schedule, it was necessary that the engine could run at top speed in both directions. This resulted in a tank locomotive rather than the tender locomotive design otherwise used for long-distance high-speed links. In order to be able to attain the high running performance…
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11311H DRG Micro metakit

DRG Class 03

History The Class 03 engines were built between 1930 and 1938 as express train locomotives for routes that were only suitable for axle loads of up to 18 tonnes. 298 examples of this engine, whose construction was based on the Class 01, were built by the firms of Borsig, Krupp, Henschel, and Schwartzkopff. Its reduced weight was achieved by the use of a light sectional frame,…
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Omega Models 1:72

From today we are official dealer of the beautiful brand Omega Models! Handcrafted plastic aircrafts Omega models is beautyfull supplier with a lots of airplanes from world wars. Precision handcrafted production gives aircrafts a uniqueness.